Insights That Drive Improvement

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The Heavy Lift

Public educators are charged with providing every student with challenging instruction.

With such high stakes and so little time, do you ever feel uncertain whether you are focused on the right things?

Are there opportunities for improvement you aren't seeing?

We can help.

What We Offer

  • Clear, compelling data visualizations and customized reports for administrators, principals, and teachers in the forms of print-ready PDFs, slide decks, and online dashboards.
  • Customized trainings for principal and teacher cohorts designed to answer questions critical to their continued professional growth and improvement of student outcomes.
  • Help to districts and schools who want to use insights that emerge from our products and services to develop and implement sound improvement ideas.

Who We Serve

District administrators and principals turn to us when they want to…

  • Focus precious resources to improve school grades
  • Make meaning of available data with less time and effort
  • Build quality and consistency in the use of data to make decisions
  • Challenge assumptions and complacency about student outcomes
  • Inspire and motivate staff to use data to find opportunities for learning
  • Save money on operational expenses